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Jaipur International Film Festival

Welcome to the world cinema in Jaipur

6 janvier 2017
7 Lames la Mer
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JIFF-2017 (Jaipur International Film Festival) to Open On Saturday (January 7) at Golcha Cinema at 5.30PM • Life Time Achievement Award to visionary Ramesh Prasad • South Indian Stars in Inaugural Ceremony • JIFF-2017 to Open with Sila Samayangalil and Dana Dana • Closing films would be Survivor and Neruda • International film fraternity looking at Two Co-Production Meets • 134 Films from Across the Globe to be Screened with 17 Workshops, Seminars and Master Strokes.

Pink City of Jaipur...

Pink City of Jaipur, the International destination for acclaimed filmmakers, bold new directors and lovers of cinema, will come alive with the gala opening of the 9th Jaipur International Film festival (JIFF) on January 7 at Golcha Cinema (5:30PM).

The Festival which has been scaling new heights since its inception will have variety of add-on features this time when as many as 134 films from across the globe will be screened at two screens at Golcha from January 7 till 11. Films would also be screened at the Rajasthan Adult Education Association (RAEA) and the Manipal University Jaipur.

Ever since its inception, the JIFF has continuously been drawing international attention to its efforts in raising profile of films for the development of cinema worldwide and boosting the film industry. Celebrating cinema too.

In addition to the screening of films the festival will have 17 Workshops and Seminars on various aspects of Cinema this year. Film Makers would also be interacting with the audiences under a new theme Master Strokes.

South Indian Film Industry would be getting importance this year with several super stars and directors from the region attending the annual event this time.

A large number of film makers from other countries would also be attending the five day Festival.

Ramesh Prasad.

Life Time Achievement Award to Ramesh Prasad

This year’s Life Time Achievement Award would be presented to internationally acclaimed cine-visionary Ramesh Prasad hailed as creator of specialised post production facilities.

Born at Mumbai in 1930, he established Prasad Film Laboratory with advanced equipments. The chairman of the committee that selected Mr. Prasad for Life Time Achievement Award was headed by noted Indian film director Shaji N. Karun, recipient of several national and international awards including the civil honour of Padma Shree.

Ashok Selvan.

South Indian Stars in the Opening Ceremony

The celebrity guests of honour to attend the opening ceremony of JIFF-2017 will include noted director Hariharan (former chairman of an Oscar Committee), Singeetam Srinivasa Rao (director of silent movie Pushpak) and brilliant actress Rachana, winner of national award twice.

Another Southern super star Ashok Selvan would also be present before the cine audience of the Festival.

Bollywood actress Aarti Chhabria of Shootout at Lokhandwala fame would also be attending the JIFF-2017.

Christina Kallas. Ahmed Boulane.

Film makers from other countries - Film directors

Christina Kallas • Robert Richards • Justyna Mytnik • Konstantina Kotzamani • Ahmed Boulane • Diana Frankovic • Sada Rajiah • Katarzyna Plazinska • Robert Popa from Romania.

Bruno Obinna, veteran nigerian actor, Actoirs guild of Nigeria • Actor Filip Pawel Kosior, actor, Klezmer, Feature Film, Poland • Milos Radovic, film director, Train driver’s diary (Dnevnik Masinovode), Serbia • Tomasz Stankiewicz, film director, Brave Brunch, Poland • Ms. Philippa Mary Hankinson, producer, Blood Lines, documentary feature film, South Africa • Mr. Piotr Waclaw Chrzan, director, Klezmer, Feature Film, Poland • Michal Modlinger, film cinematographer, No matter what happens, I love you, Poland • Mr. Thomas Luechinger, filmmaker/producer, Being There, documentary feature film, Switzerland • Mr. Ansgar Ahlers, director of the film Bach in Brazil • Mr. Justin Lamie Connor, The Golden Age, feature film, USA • Mr. Alan Mc Lane Alejos, film maker, Mexico • Mr. Ali Ashoori, film distributor, Beyong the end (short film), Iran • Mr. Arsha Aghdasi, film director and writer, Jamshid Aria (short film), Iran • Danielle Ferras, executive producer for film Apacheta, Brasil • Mr. Sadam Wahidi, director, Mary mother (short film), Afghanistan.

A total of 250 film makers, artistes and others connected with the cine industry would be attending the Festival.

Sila Samayangalil.

Opening films : Sila Samayangalil (Sometimes) & Dana Dana (Pearl Pearl)

The first opening film Sila Samayangalil (Sometimes) from India has been directed by ace director Priyadarshan and Noted actor Prakash Raj and South India’s emerging new superstar Ashok Selvan are in the lead role.

Ashok Selvan will be attending the JIFF 2017 and meet the audience.

Sila Samayangalil, a 101 minutes Tamil film, is a story of seven strangers who spend a day at a lab in South India, impatiently waiting for their AIDS test results. They reluctantly share how they fear they may have contracted the disease and band together to sneakily obtain their results sooner.

The film has been nominated in main competition category and also for special Green Rose Award (for global message).

The film will be screened on Tivoli screen of the Golcha Cinema at 6:00PM in the evening on January 7, 2017.

Dana Dana.

Dana Dana (Pearl Pearl)

The second opening film Dana Dana (Pearl Pearl) is an Iraqi film directed by Mutana Al-Rubaye. Made in English and Arabian the 52 minutes film boasts of having casts from 25 countries. In the lead roles are Houda Echouafni, Mutana Al-Rubaye, Lily Philips, Geoff Cotton, Abbas Noori, Wayne Gidden and Kerry Owen.

The story revolves around an Iraqi musician who receives death threats and is forced to leave his country and the love of his life, his destiny turns around and he is forced to choose between a big break in his musical career and his refugee status.

Film will be screened on Nile screen of the Golecha Cinema at 6:00PM evening on January 7, 2017.

Closing films : Survivor & Neruda

The first closing film Survivor is a 87 minute long Chinese crime thriller and action drama directed by Linzi Zhang. Xuan Yan is in the lead roles.

The film tells the story of Yan, hospitalized after a car accident. From an old scar on his shoulder, doctors recognized him as the survivor of a well-known conjoined twin separation surgery that took place at the same hospital years ago. As Yan was being treated for his injuries, a series of terrifying incidents happened at the hospital, causing hospital-wide panic. GaoHai, the administrator of the hospital, accused Yan as the person behind the incidents, because a piece of evidence was left behind at the scenes - evidence tracing back to Yan’s separation operation.

The film will be screened on Tivoli screen of the Golecha Cinema at 6:30PM evening of January 11, 2017.


The second closing film will be Neruda from Chile, a 107 minute feature in Spanish and French, directed by Pablo Larrain. The casts are Gael García Bernal, Luis Gnecco, Alfredo Castro, Pablo Derqui, Mercedes Morán, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba and Héctor Noguera.

The story focuses on the political persecution the poet and Communist Senator Pablo Neruda and the manhunt for his arrest.

The film has been nominated in Golden Camel and other competitive categories. The film is a Chilean entry to Oscar.

The film will be screened on Nile screen of the Golecha Cinema at 6:30PM in the evening of January 11, 2017.

The film had debut screening at Cannes in May in 2016. It has also been screened in film festivals like Toronto, New York, Zurich and San Sebastian.

Ansgar Ahlers, director of the film Bach in Brazil.

The international film industry is looking at the two co-production meet

Film producers and directors meet and interact with each other to discuss their next ventures and explore the possibilities of co-production sharing costs. JIFF co-production meets have been emerging as a successful forum for them. More than 250 delegates are arriving at Jaipur to participate in the co-production meet this time.

This year two scripts have been selected for these meets. One is Fault Lines of Irene Zoe Alameda, from America and Spain. The dream casts of the proposed feature film are Spanish Star - Ruben Cortada, Teenage idol in the USA - Maddie Ziegler, Bollywood and Hollymood star - Irrfan Khan, Spanish Star - Ariadna Gil. The budget of the film has been estimated to be around Rs.28 Crores.

Another script Eucalyptus You is in Bengali from India.

The first co-production meet will be held at Manipal University on January 9 at 6.00PM while the second meet will be held at Golcha Cinema on January 10 at 4.00PM.

These meets have aroused international interest. India could get Marc Baschet as co-producer for film Lunch Box in JIFF’s meet. Scores of film makers arrives at Jaipur for these meets during the Festival giving a fillip to tourism and also promoting location shootings in the colourful State.

More than 33 Youth Ambassadors have been involved in the promotion efforts to attract young film lovers to the Festival.

JIFF-2017 has been dedicated to film lovers this year

Separate film shows have been arranged for children during morning hours from 9.00Am to 11.00AM from January 9 to 11 at Golcha CInema.

Except these morning shows for children all other screenings would be for above 18 years of age viewers.

Registration of delegates is open at the JIFF website. Registration can also be made at the venue of Golcha Cinema.

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